Docebo Expands Generative AI Capability with the Acquisition of Edugo.AI Learning Technology

Docebo Inc. (NASDAQ: DCBO; TSX:DCBO) (“Docebo” or the “Company”), a leading
learning platform provider with a foundation in artificial intelligence (AI)
and innovation, announced today it has acquired Edugo.AI (“Edugo”), a
Generative AI-based Learning Technology that uses advanced Large Language
Models (LLM) and algorithms to optimize learning paths and adapt to individual
learner needs. Docebo's acquisition of Edugo is focused on two main
objectives: enhancing its existing AI capabilities and adding new capabilities
to the Docebo platform to better serve its customers. Financial details were
not disclosed.

"The effective application of Generative AI is defining the future
competitiveness of the learning industry, and Docebo is leading the charge
through commercial products that solve everyday learning challenges for our
customers. By integrating Edugo's proprietary LearnChain technology and
extensive engineering expertise into our solutions and product development
organization, we are adding to the disruptive innovation engine that has
established Docebo as an industry leader in artificial intelligence and
learning automation. This applies to each of the internal and external use
case solutions we provide to our customers," said Docebo's Founder & CEO,
Claudio Erba.