vulcan augmentics

Vulcan Augmentics announces funding from Reazon Holdings inc.

The team at Vulcan Augmetics is delighted to announce that has secured funding from Epic Angels, the largest female-only investment syndicate in Asia, and strategic investment from Reazon Holdings, inc.

Reazon are a Japanese corporation with deep experience in software and app development, and their own dedicated Human Interaction Lab that is focusing on making technology responsive to a much wider range of human interactions than just a keyboard, enhancing human capabilities through improving our ability to communicate with and control the technology around us.

This investment is a huge step forward for Vulcan, securing not only the resources to achieve profitability in 2024, but also helping set the stage for a much longer strategic partnership as Reazon expand into the robotics and telehealth industries and Vulcan further develops our biosignal sensor technology.